About Us


Built in 1825, this neoclassical, loyalist style building expanded several times. Its orange roof and unique popula have become the focal point of L'Orignal, now apart of the township of Champlain.


In 1998, Ontario's oldest prison closed its doors. It was also the only francophone jail in Ontario. However, the first floor is still occupied by the oldest courthouse in Ontario. To this day, the courthouse is still in function.  


Open to the public since 2007, this historical site now under the Ontario Heritage Act invites you to soak in the atmosphere of what used to be prison life in L’Orignal.


Event Centre


The L'Orignal Old Jail is renting its tent for special events. The tent can accommodate over 90 people. Available from mid-May to mid-September. Accessible for people with limited mobility. Certain conditions apply.


Conference Room

Our conference room can accommodate up to approximately 25 people. Certain conditions apply.

L'Orignal's Religious Heritage

The religious heritage is represented in many ways. Clothes, sacred objects and many other treasures of the Catholic Church, courtesy of Saint-Jean Baptiste parish, are presented in our seasonal exhibition. 

Jail's History

An exhibition on the legal world, including information on the OPP, local lawyers, known inmates as well as anecdotes told by former jail employees. There are also observations made and written by paranormal investigators. Several inexplicable phenomena have been reported in many places in the jail. Information is also available on the types of spirits and material used during paranormal investigations.